July 2, 2019 News


Kyle gave Keynote Address May 18, 2019

 Kyle gave the Keynote address for Prince William County Schools Global Leadership conference in Woodbridge, VA with nearly 1,500 attendees. He also gave a small-group presentation on the status of KCC. See the entire Keynote Speech (with pictures) as well as the small-group presentation in the "Downloads" portion of the "Research" tab of this website.

Kyle met with Congressman Wittman on May 17, 2019

Kyle will be met with Congressman Robert Wittman one-on-one at the Congressman's office in the Capital, Washington, D.C. See https://wittman.house.gov/. The meeting took over an hour and was one-on-one. This was a fantastic experience and great honor for Kyle.

Nearly 20,000 strips have been shipped to Khartoum and Juba!

KCC successfully performed its first shipment of test strips in April. Shipping  costs were very high, but customs and taxes were reasonable. This process has been refined and additional shipments are being made to Juba every month or so. KCC sent its first shipment to Khartoum on July 1st. We are not yet sure that the strips were passed through customs, but have high hopes. Test strips are urgently needed in Khartoum because medical supply chains have been severely affected by the political situation surrounding President Bashir's departure/removal from office.

Kyle presented KCC & T1D Projects at Davos-on-the-Delta Food & Agriculture Summit in Memphis on May 14-16, 2019

Kyle and his father, Mark were been sponsored by the i-Select Fund ( https://www.iselectfund.com/)  with all expenses covered for the Davos-on-the-Delta food and agriculture summit in Memphis, TN on May 14-15, 2019. See https://davosonthedelta.com/. This was a fantastic experience with many new friends and KCC supporters identified. Carter Williams, the Managing Director i-Select was a fantastic host! His presentation is included in the "Downloads" portion of the "Research" tab of this website.

KCC traveling to South Sudan August 15-22, 2019

Kyle and his father will be traveling to South Sudan with test strips, lancets, and other medical/clinic supplies. Please consider joining us! We will be staying at AFEX River Camp (on the Nile), with our room and board graciously donated by AFEX! The airfare costs are your own responsibility. We can help with visas, etc. Please contact us ASAP.

Kyle met with Deputy Ambassador for South Sudan in early May 2019

Kyle recently met with the Deputy Ambassador for South Sudan and received strong support and words of encouragement for our August 2019 trip to South Sudan.