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Saving T1D Kids in Sudan and South Sudan

Saving Lives by Never Giving Up

Donation Status

KCC provides supplies to T1D children in Khartoum, Sudan.

DONATION STATUS (updated 9-18-2019)

KCC continues to provide blood glucose measuring strips and meters to T1D's in Juba, South Sudan and Khartoum, Sudan. Pix to left shown Khartoum T1D children. Pix above is Malakia Clinic staff in Juba, South Sudan.

 These supplies are provided free of charge, but shipping is VERY expensive and is provided by KCC supporters. Please be generous, as your support goes a long way!

Kyle and a small group visited Juba for meetings with government and healthcare officials from August 15-22, 2019. This meeting was very successful. A powerpoint summarizing this trip can be downloaded from the Research Tab of this website.

Khartoum, Sudan --- 20,101 strips; 20 meters

Juba, South Sudan --- 215,000 strips; 93 meters; 2,077 ml of insulin

All T1Ds remember the day that their world ended (or at least we thought so)

My name is Kyle Thaller and I am 16 years old. I had dreams of attending the U.S. Naval Academy and joining the U.S. Navy as a Navy SEAL. On April 27, 2015 I was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes and my world changed in an instant. As if things could not get worse, I was rescued as my family's house burned down five months later. I cried for a long time. But then I figured out that I could still be a leader and make a difference. See my letter to Congressman Wittman in the "About Kyle" tab.

Making a difference by saving T1D kids in Sudan and South Sudan

In Sudan and South Sudan kids die without ever being diagnosed because symptoms of malaria and TB cover up the T1D. There are very limited medical supplies and poverty is severe. A good job with the SS government might pay about $10/month, while the cost of strips and insulin greatly exceeds this monthly salary.

Glucose Meters are greatly needed.

KCC has been very fortunate to have identified extremely generous supporters for strips and lancets. But, we still really need your extra meters. T1D is detected and managed through glucose monitoring . . . and the strips and lancets are worthless without a meter. Your extra strips are critically needed . . . and so are your old meters.

How to Help

1. Glucose meters, test strips, and lancets are the key! Please send whatever you can.

2. Of course, any financial support you can provide is fantastic, too!

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